Funding is critical to the success of the Consumer Policy Institute. As a non-profit organization, you're entitled to learn about where our funding comes from, our disclosure policy and how you can help support our organization.

The Consumer Policy Institute is activly involved a large number of campaigns for the public good. They cover a wide range of fields and topics, including health care, tranportation, economic policy, automobile insurance and airports.

The Consumer Policy Institute publishes a wide range of materials, ranging from newspaper articles to media-kits to books, all relating to our foundation's reasearch and accomplishments.

At the heart of any successful organization lies their talented and dedicated staff. Learn more about our Executive Director, Lawrence Solomon, and his history of economic and urban activisim.

Consumer Policy Institute
225 Brunswick Ave.
Toronto, Ontario
M5S 2M6
Consumer Policy Institute is a division of Energy Probe Research Foundation dedicated to fair value for Canadian consumers, excellence and efficiency within public service institutions, rights for property owners, and accountability for decisions that affect the quality of life within our communities. CPI serves Canadians as a watchdog on government spending and monopolies, working to prevent consumer abuse by promoting the economic, social and environmental benefits of a fair and competitive marketplace.

Latest News

Turn Green property tax plan on its head   by Lawrence Solomon 
Urban life realizes environmental ideals and produces more wealth using fewer resources. To live lightly on the land, it's best to look to the urban village. National Post  October 18/2005

Tolls gather speed   by Lawrence Solomon 
Around the world, the traditional pork-barrel politics of road building are fading away as cities ride the road to privatization. National Post   May 28/2005

Toronto the taxed   by Lawrence Solomon
The city can hardly wait to use its proposed new powers, but the reaction of the middle class will be: Get me out of here. National Post  May 21/2005

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Consumer Policy Institute is a project of the Energy Probe Research Foundation which is a federally registered charitable organization, No. 10730 5146 RR0001.

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