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At the heart of any successful organization lies their talented and dedicated staff. Learn more about our Executive Director, Lawrence Solomon, and his history of economic and urban activisim.

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Economic Policy

Turn Green property tax plan on its head   by Lawrence Solomon 
Urban life realizes environmental ideals and produces more wealth using fewer resources. To live lightly on the land, it's best to look to the urban village. National Post  October 18/2005

Toronto the taxed   by Lawrence Solomon
The city can hardly wait to use its proposed new powers, but the reaction of the middle class will be: Get me out of here. National Post  May 21/2005

Hardly world-class   by Lawrence Solomon
Unless Toronto aspires to be Knoxville North, it should follow the great cities of the world and abandon its world's fair ambition. National Post  April 16/2005

Free trade in dolls   by Lawrence Solomon
Even a 10-year-old Canadian can figure out there's nothing wrong with a Swedish 'American Girl' doll that's made in China – contrary to Lou Dobbs. National Post   January 22/2005

Treacle-down effect   by Lawrence Solomon
Equalization supposedly helps place Canadians among the greatest, if not the most humble, people on Earth. In fact, it has robbed us of our greatness. National Post  October 30/2004

Toronto the poor   by Lawrence Solomon 
Ontario is promising to grant its capital a host of modern powers by the end of next year, a move that is sure to accelerate the exodus of big business. National Post  September 30/2004

Beggars' summit   by Lawrence Solomon
Instead of seeking handouts from Ottawa, Canada's Hub-10 mayors should look to Europe and the U.S. and start charging more user fees. National Post  September 18/2004

The fetching dog economy   by Lawrence Solomon 
North America's urban population is growing in leaps and bounds, thanks to a proliferation of pets. National Post  March 3/2004

Martin's 19th-century Cabinet   by Lawrence Solomon
Paul Martin bills himself as a Prime Minister for the 21st century. His first Cabinet better suits the 19th century. National Post  December 17/2003

LEDs signal energy revolution   by Lawrence Solomon
National Post  November 26/2003

Martin versus the old economy   by Lawrence Solomon
Canada's next prime minister says he is determined to develop a '21st century economy.' The end of bloated farm subsidies is nigh. National Post  September 26/2003

Options for Ontario's free-market Tories   by Lawrence Solomon
A vote for Liberal McGuinty is a vote for Tory Flaherty. McGuinty's platform is unworkable, but its failure will allow free-market reforms to rise once again. National Post  September 17/2003

World Bank wronged over privatization   by Lawrence Solomon
The Bank is clear despite misinterpretations: Full-bore privatization remains the best course for any country concerned about its citizens. National Post  September 3/2003

Triumph of freedom   by Lawrence Solomon
National Post  January 4/2003

Chrétien's Atlantic tech-sector destruction program   by Fred McMahon
National Post  July 5/2000

Down the drain
National Post  July 3/2000

How the East was lost
The Ottawa Citizen  July 3/2000

Now under new mismanagement   by Peter Foster
National Post  June 23/2000

EI hurts Atlantic Canada, book says   by Eric Beauchesne
The Ottawa Citizen  June 21/2000

Atlantic Canada's Bind
Globe & Mail  May 22/2000

Not quite ready to kick the habit   by Brian Crowley
Globe & Mail  May 19/2000

Buddy, can you spare a vote?   by Derek DeCloet
Canadian Business  May 15/2000

Ottawa chains Bay Street   by Fred McMahon
The National Post  March 28/2000

Quebec is far from Ireland's path   by Fred McMahon
The Montreal Gazette  March 20/2000

On the eve of the budget, consider the Celtic tiger
The Halifax Herald  February 27/2000

CBC Radio Commentary   by Fred McMahon
February 9/2000

Column on Road to Growth: How Lagging Economies Become Prosperous
The Calgary Herald  February 8/2000

Job Creation   by Fred McMahon
Ottawa Citizen  January 24/2000

In Praise of Hitting Bottom   by Don Cayo
Saint John Telegraph Journal  January 19/2000

The Celtic Tiger   by Fred McMahon
National Post  January 19/2000

Health Care

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